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30 Day Debt Detox

Having a hard time eliminating your Debt.  This program will help you with strategies and accountability.  It's 30 days of sacrifice and focus.  You will receive seven video sessions and a Free copy of my "Rich on a Budget" Financial Organizer.   

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Rich on a Budget

Is a Financial Organizer.  It's filled with documents that will help you get of Debt, keep track of taxes, and keeping all of your important documents in one place. 


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Baby Millionaire

Learn how to set you kid up for wealth.  This training will teach you a variety of ways to invest for your child to prepare for college, first car, marriage and their first home.  Part 1 & Part 2

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DIY Do It Yourself Investing (Stock & Bonds Edition)

This course has 13 lessons.  You will learn everything from the history of the stock market to investing on your own.  You will also get an extra video that shows you how to go online and pick investments.  If you don't know where to start or you want to invest outside of your job.  This is the course for you!

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How To Get Started With INVESTING!

Time to take all the fear away. This course will answer all of your questions that relate to getting started and give you a simple process of how to do it with just $1.

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"A girl who understands it's more important to look good on paper than in person." 

Making Money Is Only One Piece Of The Puzzle 

This Academy was created to help you with your finances.  As an entrepreneur, I felt in the dark and needed a translator to understand what to do with my money.  I wanted to created a place you can go that is simple and easy to understand.  We all deserve to be RICH.  The Rich Academy will help you to get there.


The Rich Academy

I want to Thank You for looking into The Rich Academy. We are just getting started. Come back and visit us as we release training on investing, life insurance, wills, college investing and so much more.


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